Infant & Toddler

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The early infant years are very precious. It is the stage in life where the feeling of being safe and secure is a key factor in positive social and emotional development.

At Magic Moments Academy, we’ve created an environment which provides the warmth and love that makes little ones feel comfort while parents are away. Our classrooms are developmentally appropriate for this age group, providing a balance of visual stimulation, soothing lights and sounds, as well as space for exploration.

Physical development is a major part of their day. This includes rolling over, crawling, tumbling and walking. Everything within our infant space engages their natural curiosity and promotes physical development. All are designed with safety as a priority for little ones.

Our experienced team of educators and caregivers provide an abundance of 1:1 attention, including cuddles, hugs and conversation. These warm interactions further promote social development and instill self-confidence.

Daily routines include blended teachings through singing, music, movement, art and independent and group play.

Infants are separated by age, milestones and abilities.

Group A: 4 months – 12 months

Group B: 12 months – 18 months

Tots & 2’s

The ToT’s and 2’s (18 months – 2 years) years is a time of amazing growth and development of their individual personalities. These little ones are no longer toddlers and are ready to take on the world! They are energetic, active, fearless and most of all eager to do more and learn.

At Magic Moments Academy, our Tot’s and 2’s are challenged each day with activities and lessons designed to meet their growing need to explore and discover the world around them, while providing a sense of safety and security.

Teachers work closely with parents to further develop language skills and expand social and emotional development. Weekly lesson plans focus on letters, numbers, colors, shape recognition and sensory.

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8:00AM – 6:00PM

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